Haley Strategic Inforce WML

Driven by Real-World Low Light Operational Needs. The INFORCE® WML HSP was specced by Haley Strategic Partners for tactical low light applications. Running a white light with an upgraded 200 lumens of penetrating light with a tight beam for close- to mid-range applications, the WML HSP also delivers a balanced peripheral light for discernment of the surrounding area.

Ergonomic Momentary Only Activation System. Features momentary only digital pressure pad. Its angled activation button is comfortable to operate without interference of wires or tape switches. The integrated patent pending rail clamping system is compact, convenient and secure. Waterproof to 66 feet. Two distinct easy-to-operate lockout systems are incorporated to avoid accidental discharge.



  • 200 Lumen Output
  • 90 Minute Run Time
  • Momentary On Only Activation Switch
  • Waterproof to 66 feet
  • Coyote or Jet Black Polymer Body
  • MIL-STD-810G certified
  • Powered by 1 x 123A Lithium
  • Weight with Batteries 3oz
  • Size : 4.1" L. x 1" Bezel D

Haley Strategic Inforce WML

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