We have been focusing on cerakoting our products for the past few months and did not have time to do any more jobs, but now we have expanded our setup we are ready to take on more cerakote jobs. Cerakote is one of the leading firearm coatings out there. It holds up to chemicals and corrosion better than most of the others. Cerakote has become very popular these days because of the durability and the color selection. We can paint your rifle anyway you would like from common patters to custom designs. We can make any pattern or design you would like as long as the plotter will cut it well. Our process and equipment is done exactly to cerakote recommendations. We can cerakote AR15's, shotguns, rifles, pistols, stocks, and most other firearm accessories. We have taken rusted out guns and given them new life! From complete guns to just components, we will do it all. 

     Pricing isn't set in stone, just a reference for you to estimate for yourself how much it would cost. Each firearm is different in detail and takes different amount of time for breakdown, coating, and assembly. To get an accurate quote, either stop by with the item that you would like to have done or email us with a picture, make, and model of the gun with colors or patterns desired. 

      Our cerakote policy is the same as all LDT products. If you're not happy, then we aren't happy. Meaning we will make it right or we will give your money back if you aren't fully satisfied. Its really that simple!

       General Pricing:

-AR15 stripped upper or lower receiver  =  $40 per piece or $75 for a set

-AR15 receivers and handguard  =   $150   

-Shotgun  =  $100

-Revolver  =  $75

-Semi Auto handgun  =  $100

-Disassembly or reassembly  =  $25, if we do both it is $40

***Patterns, camo, and custom patterns do cost a bit more, depending on the detail. 


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