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        We pride ourselves on manufacturing the most accurate, reliable, high quality, and tough rifles available. The BCG and Barrel are heart and soul of any AR rifle. When we designed our Enhanced Precision Rifles, we wanted the best bolt and barrel available for the job. We concluded White Oak made some of the most accurate barrels on the planet and asked them to make them for us to our specs. We are not a mass production rifle company and that allows us to spend more time fine tuning every rifle and getting them dialed in perfect. Every rifle has a bolt matched to the barrel, we double check headspace, and test fire it before they go out the door. 

      We Guarantee all our rifles and uppers to shoot sub MOA or your money back. Thanks            



The Long Dog Tactical EPR .223 Wylde AR15 Match Barrel is based on the Army's Squad Designated Marksman (SDM) Rifle Development Program, tasked with improving the accuracy of the standard issue rifle against targets out to 600 meters. We offer this barrel to the tactical user or casual shooter interested in the ability to hit distant targets with issued or mag length ammunition. The 18 inch barrel was developed for Airborne troops. Wylde chambered to give excellent performance and reliability with a wide variety of ammo.