We decided to do an awesome limited edition rifle and upper. The "Patriot" series are different from the normal stuff we do for several reasons. First, we have never offered a LDT side charging rifle or upper before. We do offer a URG now with a Crosshill Tech upper, but a completely different configuration. Second, this is the first theme products we have done. Why do a theme? We fill there has never been a greater need in our lifetime to STAND UNITED as a country against all the crazy problems we are facing and this is a little part we can play to remind our fellow Countrymen of that. These products will deliver top notch accuracy and reliability just like any our products, but will be equally as nice cosmetically! These are offered in two different colors of cerakote at this time, Patriot Brown and our custom "Combat Grey". Third, we have new techniques we are using to reduce friction and prevent any gas leaks. The end result will be a outstanding product that will shoot great and look great too, as well as letting everyone that takes a look at your rifle know where you STAND as an American and Patriot! 

     Click on the Patriot link at bottom of page on right side to check them out!

                                                      What else is going on?

-All LDT lower receivers are on sale for $74.95

-18" White Oak SPR & LDT EPR Barrels on sale $255

-Crosshill Tech side charging uppers on sale $325 ambi, $316 Right only

-White Oak .204 Ruger barrels w/ gas block $395

-LDT EPR on sale $1345

-LDT 6.8 Warrior rifle on sale $1295

     All of our uppers are marked down to great prices and all URG's and barrels guaranteed to shoot sub moa. We have added another option to our custom 300 Blackout URG as well. 

                                 Thank You to all that Support us!












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     Our goal is to Manufacture our Rifles and Products to the highest level of quality and reliability while providing excellent service to our Friends and customers. Our products meet or exceed MilSpec. Since we are a small company, we can give more attention to detail and fine tune every rifle before it goes out and all our rifles are guaranteed to shoot SUB MOA groups or your money back. We believe you will be Very happy with any of our LDT products, but if you aren't for any reason, we will make it right! We also provide services such as Headspace, pin & weld muzzle brake, and Cerakote (see facebook for pics).

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         It is your responsibility to know the laws where you live.  Please do not order anything that you know cannot be shipped to your city or state.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.